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Are Metal Fillings Dangerous?.

Before tooth-coloured white fillings became the new standard, metal amalgam fillings were used to repair decayed and damaged teeth for more than 150 years. These fillings combine several metals including copper, mercury, tin, zinc and occasionally silver, creating strong and long-lasting restoration.....
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Natural cures for your mouth ulcer!.

Mouth ulcers are very common. Chinese medical practitioners deem the ailment stems from “heatiness” in the body, while Western medicine attribute it to viral infections and genetic dispositions. Whatever the cause, mouth ulcers can be very annoying. Some ulcers can make your mouth burn with pain whe.....
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What Causes Sudden Toothache and How Is It Treated?.

Toothache can happen for many reasons. Sometimes the reason is obvious – if you've been hit in the face or bitten into something hard – but other times it can seem like the pain comes out of nowhere. Toothache isn't always a cause for alarm, but in some cases, it can point to an underlying problem t.....
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Why Does My Jaw Keep Locking and Clicking.

Do you often hear clicking or popping sounds coming from your jaw, does your jaw lock in place, or does it hurt when you move it? These symptoms can sometimes be temporary and go away by themselves, but they could also be signs of a more serious problem with the functioning of your jaw joints. Known.....
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Fissure Seals.

The dentist suggested I should get the grooves in my teeth filled in, what does that mean? Unless you’ve ever shone a really bright torch into someone’s mouth, you might never have noticed that the teeth are not just square little white blocks. They’re actually covered in grooves a.....
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Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Ones?.

This debate has been raging longer than Holden versus Ford! Patients constantly ask us which is better and which they should use to keep their teeth as clean as possible, and to prevent cavities. The true is, they are both as good as each other – as long as you know how to use them.Some people like .....
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How Can I Get to the Dentist When I Have Children to Look After?.

Parents of little children may be overdue for their dental check-up, and may find it challenging to get it done. This is one of the common problems that mums and dads face.Many of us that work at Sailors Bay Dentistry are parents too, so we can understand how hard it could be to juggle everything. W.....
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What Are Porcelain Veneers?.

More Than Just Cosmetic BenefitsA porcelain veneer is a thin shell-like structure that is attached to a tooth. Veneers are used as restoration for teeth which are discoloured, misshapen, very spaced out or worn out.Veneers on their own can be fragile, but once they are glued to a tooth they can help.....
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My Dentist Mentioned That I've Been Grinding My Teeth!.

The Impact of Tooth GrindingTooth grinding, or bruxism, is one of the common dental problem – It’s thought that about five percent of the population are regular forceful tooth grinders. [1,] [2] Though, many of them may be completely unaware of their habit as it usually happens when they are asleep......
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Do I need my wisdom tooth out?.

First of all, what is a wisdom tooth?We all have a first molar (commonly known as the “six-year-old molar” because of when it typically appears in the mouth), a second molar (the “twelve-year-old molar”), and many of us have third molars (the wisdom tooth). These teeth make up the back twelve teeth .....
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